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Patrick A Pontillo author of The Disinformation of Wuerlgate ...


Pontillo...another post has come in that you should read,before
posting one more word of Slander and hateful assaults against
my family.  
This comes from a very well respected author and blogger.

"Dear Diane, 
I linked to your site through a comment posted on a highly respected Catholic blog. I am  offering  my personal apologies to you for what you have endured as a mother whose children were abused by a former priest of our Church.
I think it is horrible what this Pontillo person is doing to you now.
Please do not post my name or email because I am sure after reading his posts that he will attack me too. 

While I am no fan of Cardinal Wuerl either, I think the blogger is a narcissist too and is only writing about him because he wants what he calls "hits" to his blogs. I was so glad to read Mrs Engel is researching this case because I know she gets to the truth.  May God's Justice and Mercy be with you and your family !"

"Dear Diane,
I linked to your site through a comment posted on a highly respected Catholic blog. I am  offering  my personal apologies to you for what you have endured as a mother whose children were abused by a former priest of our Church.
I think it is horrible what this Pontillo person is doing to you now.
Please do not post my name or email because I am sure after reading his posts that he will attack me too. 
While I am no fan of Cardinal Wuerl either, I think the blogger is a narcissist too and is only writing about him because he wants what he calls "hits" to his blogs. I was so glad to read Mrs Engel is researching this case because I know she gets to the truth.  May God's Justice and Mercy be with you and your family !"


Regarding your most recent post you claim to have written on October 21, 2016 which isn't until next month??  I see you are obviously the owner of a time machine.  How nice.

You've been reading my posts from the beginning.  I've saved your posts from the beginning.  I can prove what you've said.  I also downloaded so many of your posts, that I've used 1/3 of my 1-T memory.  I want to be able to defend myself against I began collecting evidence.
You should be ashamed of what you've done to all of us.  You are a sick and twisted individual.
If I had money I would hire people to help me stop your slander, "Legally".  I have grandchildren to
raise.  I'm 70 years old with COPD, Diabetes, and a bad heart.  Why don't you stop your idiotic lies Pontillo????  Why should I have to repeatedly defend my family online against your rotten lies???
I don't have money for fun things like suing you.


re: Ima, Soko Ni Iru Boku      
Pontillo  Sept. 26, 2013  but still available online and downloaded
05-12-16         Is this yours Pontillo, it contains your words.
re: (Background on Cipolla Case)   ALLEGEDLY   divulged by Patrick A Pontillo/Cipolla

In 1978 we 'did not' go to a magistrate's office and file a complaint on Cipolla as Pontillo claims.  Pontillo never fact checked anything except a box of papers accumulated by Cipolla
and which were given to his exlawyer 30 some years ago.  When Cipolla lost his fight with the Vatican. They didn't appreciate Cipolla lying to them, and he was caught red handed, lying under oath. 
He perjured himself, under oath to the Signatura.  And people still wonder why the "Pope" himself,  personally Laicised him ??

Pontillo's story is False.  

After I called the 1978
Two Police Officers came to my house and asked some questions, they made a phone call and Two Pittsburgh Detectives arrived and the detectives took my son right away to be checked 
by a doctor at a local Hospital.

I have never made a false accusation regarding Cipolla,  I have never had to.  The truth
about him is damning enough.  You can't stoop much lower than being a serial Child Molester.
Unless you murder the child when you're done with them.  

The fact that you are willing to lie to defend him makes you an accessory if he molests again.
Isn't that Criminal Facilitation??  Or...are you really Cipolla in disguise?


I had really given you the benefit of the doubt Cipolla.  I believed you would be remorseful & clean up your act when we moved away from Pittsburgh in 1978 after I dropped those molestation charges against you, I really believed I did the right thing for the right reasons...never knowing...I had made a horrible mistake...and unleashed a monster back to the mainstream  to skulk and prey on children, until 1992-93+.
1992 is when I found out you had wasted no time getting back to monkey business.  You were full blown at it again  in 1982 with Little Tim Bendig.  Cipolla...don't pretend he was your first victim after my two sons.  You were too practiced at it.  You had those little boy summer trips going hot and heavy back in the day.  What a low life!!!   I can just hear you saying to the parents, "You can trust your sons will be in good hands, for I am a Priest!!"
In 1992 I made it my personal goal to stop you from molesting anymore children Cipolla.
You can't escape your past, when you try to bury it with lies...truth will always rise to the surface.

As long as you persist in lying about us, I'll persist in telling the truth about you.


I'm Just Say'in, If you want to know what I really say to Pontillo, check out my entire blog, this is the only way I can communicate with him.  I gave this Pontillo facts and he twisted everything...when he posted it on his wuerlgate blog.  He's a sick man, I think.  I'm just old and tired of his lies against us.

Cipolla/Pontillo...what brand of salt was that, you were using to sprinkle around your neighbor's front door?  Is that a priest thing??? I never heard of it before.  I looked it up.  It sounds weird to me but I
don't know everything there is to know, like you do.  Isn't salt sprinkling a Witchcraft thing?  Who knows....?!  No wonder Brigitte was afraid of you Cipolla.  She said the way you were screaming
and pounding at her door...she had to call the police on you.


I'm amazed at how much disinformation two men? were able to spread.  It just shows you how hate can manifest into something palpable.  They chose the media to unleash their pent-up frustrations and loathing for those who interrupted Cipolla's "nambla esque relationships" back in 1978 and 1993.  By calling the Police and reporting him...we incurred their wrath.
In April 2015 we began to answer those deliberate lies that started appearing again this year.  We told
the author he was wrong and gave him real facts, which are still readable on my blogs.
We have no idea when they began their verbal assaults...we first became aware in 2012...and we requested that they stop the lies Pontillo/Cipolla was spreading and they stopped.
I don't know when they resumed with the Soap Opera they have I said I became aware again, for the second time in April of 2015.

I was shocked and embarrassed when a friend alerted me to it being posted online...and it was full of Pontillo/ Cipolla's  Philistine insults and blatherings.  Why the retaliation Now?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Rebuilding a failing Blog with new lies???...maybe?  The way Pontillo/ Cipolla raves on about Hits and the amount of daily/ weekly/ monthly Hits he gets and how many Followers he has can only mean one thing.  He's really into it!!!  He's seasoned.  He knows better than to post lies.
Especially lies that hurt people's reputations, their businesses, their family's, etc...  Why risk "your" reputation, for Hits on a blog?  Can it be that lucrative to blog?  I really don't have any idea.


Please understand,
I'm just a nobody, who found a way to deny "the Wuerlgate" allegations and enlighten Pontillo who in 2015 slanders us online.  I asked him numerous times to stop telling lies and making innuendos about my family.  Pontillo refused to answer my email...then he did something to stop or block my email, I tried once more to reach him by email but it was returned, and I never attempted to email him again.
Finally I started writing on my old blog...that I started in 2012 to reach him, to ask him to stop writing lies about my family in 2012...and in 2012 he actually stopped.  Not this time though. (2015) it's a whole new ballgame.  In the Spring of 2015 I found out Pontillo was at it again and saying even more cutting remarks and innuendos...attacking a whole host of other unfortunates as well, calling us all, liars and sodomites.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I read what he was saying about us.  He called us liars and he said I was a low life.  He was making up dates and twisting my words...all for copy...all for Hits.   He's so selfish and self absorbed...he really has no empathy or concern for others.  He's only interested in self
pleasure, self-praise and self-infatuation...  To hear him tell it, he's just too grandiose to have his writing questioned.  Because he rented from a guy for 5 years and he knows a couple of folks he met in school and on the job that wrote "atta-boys" for him...and his security clearances...don't mean anything.  This is no proof that you are an honest man Pontillo..or that you tell the truth. are book wise, but that doesn't mean you're not the biggest liar in Pittsburgh.  As far as your Honesty,
you lie so much how could you ever expect to be mistaken for an Honest Man???  Ha ha..LOL!!!
Just maybe you haven't been caught yet...that's the most a Security Check can tell about someone, whether they got caught or not.  John Wayne Gacy was security checked, he was a licensed and bonded building contractor, who happened to kill 33 boys and young men.
He was a liar just like Cipolla and Pontillo with security checks too, just like Pontillo.

With Security Checks, they either have no knowledge or the person in question hasn't been caught yet or the needed information was put in a closed file...and can not be accessed without a court order.  That is why so many of records from the past can not be located today.  So many were destroyed.  I posted two small articles on Closed Files and Expungements,,,somewhere on my blog...I downloaded them for those who are not familiar with this legal procedure, which was practiced extensively in 1978...I don't know if it still is.

Both have to do with the hiding or destroying of files of convicted or arrested but not yet convicted defendants.
11-09-15     But not in Pontilloland!??

I just finished reading and printing Pontillo's November 27, 2015 blog on "The Significance of 2.3 Million Hits in Wuerlgate Author's Sites."  The heavily fact checked liar, Patrick A Pontillo continues his rail, calling me and my family liars...all because we proved that Cipolla had priors...and we also
helped to give credence to Bendig's assertion that he was molested by Cipolla...from 1982-1987.

We did it by proving Cipolla had been charged with child molestation back in 1978.  The Courts did the Church a courtesy by expunging the record, to keep it from public scrutiny.  I seriously don't believe the Church as a whole should suffer and be held accountable for the actions of a sneaky, manipulative child molester.  But it does, every time.  That is why it was kept the Bishops and Cardinals, to spare the Church and the Congregation the embarrassment and criticism that follows just one mention or innuendo.  Our Clergy are in a position of great influence on the
parishioners, they are trusted and admired.  It's universal to show respect.  The Church vocally disavows pedophelia, and the corruption of the morals of minors.
Even so, there have been child molesters everywhere, in all walks of life, since there were children available to prey on.  There are websites that actually have the intel on the amount of registered sex offenders in a certain area.


PLEASE...Stop...!!!  Pontillo/Cipolla....leave us alone and take your unprovoked lies about me and my children out of your blog.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wuerlgate - Author Fact Checked Liar 08-03-16 update

Open note to Cipolla/Pontillo

03-15-16     added info 08-10-16

In response to your blog about us on 03-10-16 or whatever....updated.

1.  You never caught me in a lie you hypocrite and you know it.  I may make a mistake or typo occasionally, but I have never told a deliberate lie on any blog.  It's "your lies" that built this blog Cipolla/Pontillo. (and)
As with everything else, you made it all up, then presented it "Authoritatively."  Remember your Freudian slip....a couple of posts back?  I do Tony.

Just like you do in all those blogs of yours, where most of your claims are unsubstantiated BS.  Just guesses, conjecture, crap, lies, falsehoods, written to shed a bad light on innocent victims.  You should be so ashamed of what you've said and implied.  What horrible fate is waiting for you on this path you're on?  I really wonder if you were ever normal Pontillo...I believe you were born twisted?

I'm sure many people understand that just because "you" reported it... that doesn't make the things you write true.  It's just your jaded opinion and your uneducated guess.  If you knew what really happened, you'd be talking out of the other side of your big mouth.  The mouth is batting zero on the truth-o-meter...Pontillo.

      re:  my age being in question Pontillo is saying because I'm 70 years of age, that I must be senile.
He'll say anything to insult I have no respect or pity for this moron Pontillo or Cipolla.  They are cruel and bitter and 100% guilty of character assassination and deliberate lies in an attempt to provoke and cause us undo stress...

2.  I was born in 1946, Latrobe Pa.  I am exactly 70 yrs old as per April...2016.  I
am not older than Cipolla.  I guess that would make him more senile than me huh???  My IQ was only 135 so I can't match wits with you "mr smarty pants."  However face to face, one on one, you wouldn't stand a just aren't as quick witted as you think you are.  Me on the other hand...I at the least have a modicum of common sense, which you seriously lack.  We have the truth and many witnesses, one of the (most crucial) components in a law suit ...and that Pontillo, (you seriously lack.)
You know Pontillo, John Wayne Gacy the pederast, serial killer had almost identical plaques as Cipolla's plaques that you display on your from the town he lived in, from admirers and acquaintances who loved him.  "The ones who were dumbfounded when he was caught."  Thirty-three young guys abused and murdered.  Do you or Cipolla have any skeletons in that Closet??

Oh...and I'm not falling for that show me your proof and I'll show you mine stuff.  YOU HAVE NO PROOF!!!!!! I've seen what you call proof and it's just coincidental and trivial items with no known value in a court of law.  Each item you present as proof is accompanied by a story written by you which may or may not be the truth.  Since you have proven to be a pathological liar,  how can one know which is truth and which is strictly fantasy?  

You are the one who called us out...on your infernal wuerlgate libel blog...others pointed it out to me,
because I didn't follow your blog, or anyone else's for that matter.  Nor was I interested in your's and Cipolla's Hobbies. ( I'll even bet, you and Cipolla both rang people's doorbells and ran, just to practice being annoying when you were younger.)'ve succeeded.

You've achieved your goal.  Obama will probably give you the "In-humanitarian Award" for your contributions.

Hey, you dared and goaded us to respond to you from your "squirrelgate" blog....and when we did, you concocted more lies, and refused to answer my email to you.  I believe you are a very devout coward.  You talk tough but you hide and skulk behind your blog. You have made your allegations and told your lies but "Remember Pontillo"... It's not up to me to prove anything in this court of public opinion, that you created.  The burden of "proof " is on you. So, where's your proof??  Cat Got Your Tongue??  Pontillo?
You haven't said a truthful word about my family since you started that witch hunt of a wuerlgate blog +.

3.  The conference you mentioned with your secret source was probably just you, talking to your own reflection in your PC screen.

4.  I never changed my story...which isn't merely a story but true life...but you wouldn't know the difference, since you live in a delusional world of make believe.  Everything I have ever said to you
is on my blog, the only way I have of contacting you.  You took facts that I posted on  my blog and just twisted my words to suit your mood.  The only thing is...all my posts are still on my blog.  I don't move them around and delete like you do and I haven't deleted any.

5.  In 2015, I told you I went all the way to Pittsburgh Pa from Melbourne, Florida to give my deposition and see Bishop Donald Wuerl.  I did and still have witnesses...and they will talk to anyone
except you.

6.You quote law like you know something...but you make it painfully obvious in your blog that you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about the law...unless you are spouting off something from the internet...which can be iffy...if you are the one doing the transcribing.

7. I don't know what kind of phony list you've made up with regards to other people's depositions
but I'd be willing to bet, it's as inauthentic as the rest of your blog.

8. $600 for a prep package to Europe????????  Prep for what??  A Colonoscopy???
My deposition rode in an Airplane in a brown leather briefcase, earmarked for the Apostolic Signatura in the company of Bishop Donald Wuerl.  Grow a pair and ask him.

9.  My sons don't want to talk to you.  Why would they?  You called them liars.  When it's you who can't tell the truth...Cipolla/Pontillo.

10.  I am only saying this to you one more time Pontillo, because I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you are indeed "an imbecile".
I never said you did not exist you stupid man.  I said "the only proof I see of your existence, is just what you've published online."  (period)  So how do I know who you really are, not that I even
care...because I believe you are my arch enemy, Anthony J Cipolla.
GET IT PONTILLO????  Savvy Muchacho?  si puo' scavare???

11.  Wolk, Zula, Pucci?????  That was 1988.  I never spoke to anyone with regards to Cipolla/Bendig until 1993.  That is when I called Douglas Yauger, Bendig's attorney...and my family came to light in Rome.  Mr Yauger is still alive, why don't you ask him instead of lying your butt off about everything??

12.  Cipolla assailed Brigitte in 2012...because she called me and told me the day it happened.  She claimed that he shoved her and kept on banging on her door, screaming about devils and demons and sprinkling salt all over the doorway.  She called the cops because she was frightened.  "Cipolla" was dressed in his priest robes and crying to the police,  the police convinced her to let him sleep it off...
and if he came back or started up again, she should call 911 and they would take him in.
Yep....Cipolla had his head together that day, didn't he Pontillo?

13.  You are a joke...!

Australian Woman???    What the heck are you talking about??  I don't recall
your Aussie woman...nor do I ever remember discussing an Aussie Woman with you or anyone else.
You say "she descended from political stature" date you??
Are you bragging about that??!!??  How "low" do women have to descend,  to date you?? wrote it.....
and that's the way I read it.  It's on your blog.  And you call me sophomoric.  Did you really ever date
an actual woman?  You get uncomfortable just talking about women. You appear to get panicky, (not
hysterically)...but ill at ease for sure.  I'm surprised you didn't call your female acquaintances "Dames."   Thou doth protest too much...Pontillo!?     Strictly a psyche impression, nothing more.
By the way, I never "breathed" any of your "gals"(as you called them).  Unlike you, I don't usually gossip or go the rumor mill route.   Mostly I deal with facts not conjecture...but sometimes I attempt funny...
I'm a realist though.  I seriously "don't" know "what the heck you are".

14. Pontillo,  I'll bet your breath is putrid and foul...just like your festering, hate filled blog.
Do you have a problem with flies bunching on your face???   You dried up old turd.  You lied when ... all I did was give you some facts and ask you to Stop lying about my family.
I only sent you a couple emails in my entire life.  And I posted them on my blog, for people to read for themselves.  Don't blame me for what others say about you...I'm not the only soul who recognizes
evil and calls a spade a spade.  I know that is why you block the questions, answers and concerns of
your readers.  You can't carry on a healthy debate when you are busy concocting more lies to cover the many deliberate, deceitful mendacities you've spread all over the web already.

I recently had a mental picture of your "psyche" that came to me, as I was puzzling over your last blog. It appeared as follows.  One very large covered plastic bowl.
Clear on the bottom with a red lid.  It was full of a mixture of Hydrochloric acid, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, pills and crack, in a bubbling mixture with corrupt souls, nightmares, wuerlgate, lies and flies, turning black and dissolving into that vomitus, fetid stew you call a conscience...and you were spoon feeding it to your readers. ( Ewww!!)
First and foremost, it stunk so much the air around it was acrid and things in close proximity showed signs of cell failure and putrefaction.
I knew it was you by the reflection of your malevolent face smiling down through the flies...
into that disgusting and loathsome mixture, made by your own filthy hands.  (Shiver!!!!)      
How was that???  Right back at you Pontillo!!!  

15.  As far as your Austro-Hungarian are such a girl!!!! should listen to yourself sometime.  You ridicule me because I'm of Austrian/Hungarian/Romanian decent??!!  We can't all be part Italian or as awe inspiring as you think you are, now can we Cipolla/Pontillo??

I'll bet if I lived in Pittsburgh you'd shut up.  You stated on a blog of yours that I never sent thugs after you for the things you say about my family..."so I must be lying."  What the heck kind of reasoning is that Pontillo?  Is that what usually happens to you, when you insult and embarrass people?
I don't know thugs and I don't have dealings with thugs.  If I did we would have already read about it in your 2012 blog...or no later than June 2015.  But I'm not like you Pontillo/Cipolla.  I'm a "real" little old lady with a heart condition and I'd really like to put this behind me.  Please stop using us for your blog.  It hurts me to have to defend us almost daily.  Leave us, "Get Thee Behind Me Satan."  Just in case you are Satan or one of his cross dressing succubi.

16.  Pontillo/Cipolla,  "You" pulled me into this blog business with the taunts and lies you were publishing online.  Do you believe you have some super power which will protect you from the wrath of God?  He is "our" Protector.  I believe you lost your faith or you couldn't tell those lies or say the hateful things you say about my family.

17.  I admit that I may have mistakenly reported a date or something trivial wrong by accident on my blog, but "never" to be misleading or malicious.
When I notice a mistake I fix it immediately, because I don't want to confuse or confound anyone.  I will always tell the truth about Pontillo/Cipolla.  I think the truth is bad enough with regards to Pontillo/Cipolla. No one had to lie to make it sound bad, it was already bad to begin with. My blog is proof enough that I'm not an experienced blogger like Pontillo/Cipolla.

I reached out to Father Cipolla on Facebook once to ask him if he was behind Patrick A Pontillo's blogs.  Cipolla did not write back. Pontillo would not write back.  They posted lie upon lie and closed their sites to comments.  There is no way to stop them/him...or defend ourselves...or state the true facts.  All I can say about that is...if you are looking for grown up fairy tales with dirty innuendos..see
If you are looking for truth and facts you can rely on, don't go to


Stop the Lies, Cipolla/Pontillo...   I see you are moving your sites all around and into
different countries.  You aren't becoming a double agent are you???  You blog so much hate and
discord you might just be the type those terrorists are looking for.  WATCHIT!!!! I hope they catch you if you are.
Your thoughts are pretty put it mildly.  I don't know if you swing that way too, but if you do...I wouldn't be at all surprised.
Are you Anti Christian now?  Are you turning away from Christ The Redeemer for the other side??
hmmmm????  are you Cipolla????   STOP!!!

Throw open the doors and tell the world the real truth and unburden your souls that you may be
forgiven.   Just a thought...

02-27-16                          Update....

It's 2016 and Pontillo/Cipolla/Pontillo/Cipolla
The Wuerlgate author continues to post lies and we try to counter his lies with the truth.
For some reason I fully believe PA Pontillo and AJ Cipolla are the same person.


I think Tim Bendig will finally stop Pontillo from spreading his lies.  He should be able to convince
everyone what a low down cowardly liar Pontillo has been.  I hope he shows no mercy!!!!!  Pontillo never showed mercy.  He's obsessed.  Finally I can rest, when people realize how much he lied and accused us of being the liars.  Thank God...and Kudo's to you Mr Bendig.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart.



Have you noticed that Pontillo is changing his wuerl...etc blogs and removing some..but not all of his really offensive stuff.  He was getting pretty twisted.  I still believe he may actually be Anthony J Cipolla.  This supposed Pontillo character must be his alter ego.  He only appears online.  He also has too great an interest, not to be Cipolla or a relative or a rube who fancies himself a legal advisor and I think he's in it for the money and maybe some notoriety.

Hey Pontillo....
Regarding something you posted on your Cipolla blog.  You were criticizing Germans, Poles and Anglo Saxons.  Why?  Are you prejudiced?  Do you have a problem with Germans, Poles and  Anglo Saxons???
You don't seem to like anybody, except yourself and Cipolla...and you are absolutely mad about yourself.

What's with you and Italy?  You are very defencive over Italians.  You act like you believe people
dislike Italians.  OK... Certain Italians, maybe, like Al Capone, Benito Mussolini or (you) Pontillo / Cipolla.
But Italians in general are good people.  They helped build our country and made it Great.  My parents loved Italy and traveled there every other year.  My father had a chance to meet Padre Pio and brought us back silver medals Blessed by The Good Father...he also attended a Mass of Padre Pio's.
By the way family is Magyar and Romanian...Romanian being a romance language.  See
Pontillo/Cipolla.....just because you made those statements, it doesn't mean you wrote the truth.
Who knows...since we all have such close ties to the Old Country...maybe we're cousins!!  (choke!)
You most certainly, knew full well, you were fabricating the entire statement...when you published it.  But you took a chance and it produced Hits for your blog, so you intensified your assaults on us.


Pontillo/ Cipolla
I'm so glad you eliminated or hid some of your unnerving assaults on our good name.  But you are not through hurting us are you?  If you aren't Cipolla Himself, why punish us?  My sons were/are victims of  Cipolla's.  They didn't sexually molest Cipolla....he sexually molested them.   What kind of a champion of the people are you anyway??  We did the right thing when we went to the Police about Cipolla, back in 1978...we also did the right thing when we corroborated Bendig's assertion in 1988
that he (Bendig)  wasn't the first child to accuse Cipolla of sexual assault.
Don't try to convince people that Cipolla (you?)  is innocent.  He (you?) most assuredly is not innocent, but he/(you?) is instead "culpable."


Happy New Year World.....    Pontillo is still at it, posting lies, lies and more lies.  He is obsessed with downgrading people and poisoning people's minds with false facts and deranged blatherings.
He has no real evidence, like he claims.  He conjures up stories which he blogs.
I think he plagiarizes other writers and photographers then he doctors the fit his agenda. He uses some of the stuff I've blogged.  I seriously doubt he is capable of having an original idea.  If that's the kind of journalism you desire...Pontillo/ Cipolla is your cup-o-joe.    
I just want to say, you should take his blogs with a pinch of salt and some bicarbonate of soda...   Zantac or Prilosec will also help when you try to digest his rail.


I didn't win Power Ball.  Glad the winner was from Melbourne Beach, Florida though.  So close!!
And....Publix is my favorite grocery store.


Regarding your rail of Feb. 25 2016 that I just now read today, Feb. 13 2016, why those goofy dates on your blogs????  Is it code?  You can't pull the "She said this and she said that crap anymore."  We don't communicate except through our blogs and we post them online.  Therefore,  everything I say to you or about you is online and available for all to see, just as yours is.  If your readers read the actual blogs we used to communicate, they would know exactly what a unconscionable Liar you are.  The claims you made about what I supposedly said, can be proven to be total fabrication. We've never spoken to each other,  I read his blogs...he reads mine...and we both have opinions but...I don't Lie.
Patrick A Pontillo/Anthony J Cipolla...does.
Word for word the text is there for scrutiny on my blogs to refute Pontillo's/Cipolla's Lies.

As far as whom ever reads my blog, Thank you...and I'm sorry it's so jumbled.  I never did this before
(blog)  and I taught myself to blog...which explains why it's so, can I say different? confusing? unbelievably-rudimentary?  Not classy like Pontillo's?  Let me make myself very clear, "I do not want to become infected by either Pontillo or Cipolla."  I desire nothing from them except their cooperation to cease and desist.  Their assault began in 2012 and I want it to stop.  I in return will
cease trying to rebut their false accusations.


Monday, August 1, 2016

How blogger uses Wuerl's fame to promote a Child Molester.


Jpeg-Proof-Actual Testimony-In Print/As Discovered
Learn what lurks inside the mind of a Wind Bag.  Try
to imagine what motivates a man to become green
with jealousy and envy over Cardinal Wuerl. 
 (PONTILLO wants to be Cardinal Wuerl)...
But he Can't...and that's what makes him so darned mad.


RE:  Your idiotic post about Cardinal Wuerl and me...  

And you wanted to bet $10,000 Dollars??? Were you high when you
wrote that Pontillo???

For those who aren't aware...
Pontillo bet anyone who wanted to
take the bet, "$10,000 that Cardinal
Wuerl is 5 ft 4 in to 5 ft 6 in tall".
Is he obsessed with Cardinal Wuerl or what?? 

Pontillo...John Kerry is 6 ft. 4 in. tall.  Cardinal Wuerl  is
beside him.  Even in Kerry's stance it is obvious that the
top of The Cardinal's head, easily meets well over Kerry's
eyebrows.  It looks like Mrs. Rodgers is right Pontillo.
He looks a good 5 ft. 11 in. to me.  It also looks like, if you
were to stand face to face with The Cardinal, with your 
5 ft. 9 in. frame, his eyes would be even with your forehead.
Pontillo posted that Wuerl only comes up to Pontillo's chest in 
height and he belittled The Cardinal unmercifully. 
Stop the BS're not that hard to fact check.

The truth-o-meter says "naaaaah"  "nada"  "nope"  "nein"  "Nu"
"Sorry Charley", Pontillo is caught in another outright prevarication.

Immediately below this photo is Pontillo's
Post in question.  Where he "Beats" everyone
to enter into a wager with him."

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry walks with Cardinal Donald William Wuerl after they bid
farewell to Pope Francis at Joint Base Andrews on Sept. 24, 2015. Image: Public Domain.

which can also be seen in full at

July 24, 2016

I'll beat anyone $10,000 that Wuerl is only 5'4" to 5'5 1/2" in height

. . . with his elevator shoes off ... if said wagering is permitted by local law.

Two bets, accompanied by the caveat, "Void where prohibited by law.":

Amount:  $10,000 or the maximum wager amount allowed by local law,
assuming that wagering, per se, is not prohibited by local law.

Being that one individual claimed that I don't exist, and that the other in-
dividual claimed that I am fraud not in the construction industry . . . . . . .

#1::::      The bet that Patrick Anthony Pontillo does exist and is most certainly
involved in the construction industry, having construction experience that dates
back to 1992 and which  includes work for:  -the City of Pittsburgh Engineers,
- the Army Corps of Engineers, -the Urban Redevelopment Authority,  -HUD,
-the U.S. Postal Service,  -the Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections,  -Penndot's
infrastructure dept, -the Beaver County Historical Society,  -numerous PA
Councils of Governments, -specific school boards, and other entities,

In addition, the bet includes that the same Patrick Anthony Pontillo has been,
at least until the Year 2015, in the Harvard Univ Library System's card catalog
as an author, as well as in that of Northwestern University's Library System ...
... and UNC Chapel Hill ... Sweet Briar College, and elsewhere.  Proof there-
of is part of the bet and thereby proves the existence of said person.

Included in the bet is that the same Patrick Anthony Pontillo had the standard
Pennsylvania  Triple Security Clearance  status as recently as the Year 2015,
comprising  1} the PA State Police Clearance, 2} the Child Abuse Clearance,
and 3} the FBI Clearance specifically under the auspicious of the U.S. Dept
of Education.

Such a clearance status is a standard requirement for every person who does
any kind of work on any of Pennsylvania's many school grounds.  Such status
undoubtedly proves the existence of the person whom Diane Thompson em-
phatically declared didn't exist.

The bet is $10,000 or the higest amount allowed by local law, if wagering is
allowed by local law.  Therefore, if you really believe Diane Thompson when
she writes that Patrick Anthony Pontillo is nothing more than Anthony Cipol-
la's fictitious pen name, then put your money where your big mouth is.

Any Takers?  I'm quite sure that Attorney Douglas Yauger, Cardinal Donald
Wuerl, and Tim Bendig will place the bet.  So, why don't you?

Huh?  You really don't believe her and are simply filled with so much bitter
hatred that you are blinded by the seething desire to see any accused priest
under a vicious destiny.  Ooooh,  Well, that explains it all.  Super silly me.

None the less:::

You simply have to place the bet with the person who claims to be Patrick
Anthony Pointillo  and  put the burden of proof of his existence upon him.
This will include him producing to you -a driver's license, -birth certificate,
-proof of baptism in the Roman Catholic Church, -graduation photos, -proof
of college attendance, -proof of purchases either made for the construction
company for whom he works or himself, -paycheck stubs, -an affidavit of
a former lady friend or two, -the existence of bank accounts, -copies of his
standard security clearances, etc,

So, if you are a follower of and believer in Diane Thompson, you would be
more than willing to place the bet.  Did you or did you not claim that you
believe to be true everything that Diane Thompson (aka Mangum) alleged?
You said that you believe that everything that she has stated is true?  Then
place the bet.  Of course, the bet is void wherever it is prohibited by law:


Bet #2:  That Donald Wuerl stands between 5'4" and 5'5 1/2" in height,
when measured without elevator shoes or any other type of footwear,
if and only if he is willing to be measured without footwear.

And of course, the bet is $10,000 or the highest amount allowed by local
law, if local law permits wagering.

The bet goes as follows:

Firstly, the cut-off height --- the height of demarcation --- is 5'6".   This is
because Wuerl is said to look between 5'9" and 5'10" in height these days,
when he is in public.  This is also because Pittsburghers knew Wuerl to be
quite tiny.  While bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl did NOT wear elevator shoes.

06-10-16  revised  07-06-16 added to 07-20-16

By distracting the public with
Cardinal Wuerl's Fame, he is able to attract enough attention to his blog to also garner attention for his real project...Anthony Cipolla.  Mr Pontillo is allegedly attempting to
blame whomever or whatever he can in Cipolla's stead, looking for an opening to file suit and make money for them.  Pontillo does fancy himself a lawyerish type.  He should read more and post less.
At least until he gets his facts straight...or a frontal lobotomy.    

(revision)    Dear readers,  I am sorry and embarrassed and please accept my apology for what you are reading on this blog.  Patrick A Pontillo/Cipolla write disgusting libel about my family on the internet. I can not make him stop.  He posts absolute lies about us daily.  I know that once it's on the internet, it's
said that (on the internet, it will remain forever)  I asked him to stop, by email...he refused my email.
I tried to telephone him, but the number was disconnected.  I then tried to post to him on his blog, but he doesn't take incoming posts on his blog ( but very rarely, after he screens the poster first.  If you are one of his loyal readers, I find it hard to believe that you believe him.  There is something seriously wrong with this fellow.

There was no way to contact him to demand he stop slandering my family.  So, I decided to make
my own blog, and I used (Fr Anthony Cipolla as my keywords.)  He is the priest who sexually molested my two sons ages 12 and 8.  In Pittsburgh Pa. 1977-1978.   We were coerced and terrorized into dropping the charges...and fled out of state.  Father Anthony Cipolla is who this Patrick A Pontillo is defending and slandering my family for.

He is saying that we had a conspiracy going against Fr Cipolla in 1978 and committed fraud by lying to the police and making false charges against a poor innocent priest.  All lies, all posted on the internet, hundreds of pages of deliberate lies online, in The Americas, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia
...just to name a few.   I don't know much about Pontillo, except I was told he lived with Cipolla for a while...after his family forced him to vacate his father's mobile home.  Is this true Pontillo?  My source says it is.  I have unimpeachable sources.
I'm pretty sure that what gets posted publicly on the internet, stays available on the internet and can be pulled up using keywords...  That is why he must stop the harassment, the character assassination and the libel.
I know no other way to have a tete-a-tete, with this moron.  I have tried.
Pontillo thinks he's clever.  I read his last blast of insults..."na na na ...Diane is a na is the Jersey na na...Wuerl is na is na na...The Jersey Lady is smarter than me hoo hoo is Cipolla...ha ha ha ha ha!!!! (that's me laughing)

Your idiotic, made up stories are getting more and more convoluted/bewildering each time you take pen in hand...but your lies continue you're a chronic liar.  Chronic Liars don't care
if what they are saying is true or not.  They just love to hear or read themselves blather on and on about something, anything controversial.  It's like kleptomania, or being OCD or Schizophrenic...
right Cipolla?  Pontillo?

I began posting the story of what happened and someone named anonymous posted back....There have been some posters who were sympathetic and encouraging.  Some admit they are aware that both Pontillo and Cipolla are dangerous with their lies and innuendos...and are in agreement with
me.  Some say, had it been their children who were molested, they'd have done things differently.
Two would have ended Cipolla's career in 1978.  His lies and the gullibility of the Church, to think they could contain him...cost the Church dearly.  Cipolla is still working his phony mysticism act (re: St Padre Pio) on the rich and gullible.  Where is Houdini now that we need him??
The great debunk-er was born too soon...  Does Cipolla levitate for his followers do you think?  Pontillo, I really believe you and Cipolla are possessed...and obsessed with The Cardinal and me.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pontillo/Cipolla "Come Out" ... tell the truth... are you two conspiring?.


This post is intended to correct items posted on,,, among others owned and operated by Patrick A Pontillo.  I read your posts dated Aug 14-24-30-2016...who cares what the date is, you'll change it anyway.
To the point...You two are both idiots.  I feel like, if the truth doesn't phase you Pontillo, than you are
just as pathologically damaged as your mentor, The Infamous Ex-Priest, ousted by The Pope Himself, Anthony J Cipolla of Pittsburgh and the Tristate area.

Everything you posted on your August 2016 blogs...nothing but lies.  Just lie, after lie, after lie... etc....on and on.
Each lie is an insult and undefendable except through "this blog".  How calculated you are with the cowardly way you deliver your assaults you frightened little weasel.  You pick at Cardinal Wuerl because you realize he's twice the man you will ever be and you and Cipolla are both flopped cleric wannabes'  and you can't admit to yourself that it's (you) who flopped, not the Catholic Church.

Grow up you two, leave my family out of your blog.  No one will miss us and you can make up stories about somebody else, but this time make sure they are dead so they don't find out that you are lying about them online..for all the world to see.

If I were wealthy I would crucify you the way you have crucified us Cipolla/Pontillo. No...we aren't Saints but I'll be darned if (you) aren't proving us to be martyrs.
Pontus A Pontillo tortures us by spreading lies about us on his blog.  He is doing this to persuade readers to feel sympathetic toward the known pedophile Anthony J Cipolla.
Also to gather donations for Cipolla's plight to be reinstated by the Vatican, which is never going to occur.  The Pope's ruling was made (Unappealable).  Strike 3, you're out, Cipolla/Pontillo.
Cipolla lied under oath to the Vatican...and got his own web of lies. The Signatura was very angry at being duped...that's when the Pope stepped in and Laicized Cipolla.  
But first and foremost he uses us and Cardinal Wuerl and Mr Bendig for Hits on his blogs, so they can get the expense of our reputations.  That's Cipolla/Pontillo...always thinking below the belt.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Under the guise of exposing the truth, blogger uses Cardinal Wuerl to hide it.


Please understand that this blog is a journal and also the only way to have any dialog with the men/man?  who are harassing my family and telling hundreds of lies about us online.  If they would stop lying about us, I would close down this blog and never attempt to contact them/him again.  I owe it to my family to defend against the lies they tell.  I tried doing it the nice way. That sure didn't
I'm doing it his way, but...I won't lie.  I'll just be irritatingly truthful.  Maybe they will stop
or I will die...but I won't quit until they stop spreading lies about my family.


re:  Cipolla/Pontillo latest blog dated May 29,2016 at  titled "That Diane Thompson was lying, all along...etc"                   (and it's all lies)

5th   paragraph...
I concur,  "you will (surely) have (much) to answer The Eternal God."
Look at the people you've hurt and those scandalous lies that you told.  You just can't stop. 
If you were silent your head would explode.  Why not turn all that energy into getting off your butt and onto your knees to pray for those you torture and traumatize with your infernal lies. Think about those poor unfortunate victims of your verbal assaults...and then ask for... 
Our Savior's forgiveness.

6th paragraph...
Why did you say all those terrible things about Cipolla's Followers???
*  You called  them absolutely worthless and gutless cowards!!  That is unconscionable. 
That sounded like a "Mt Vesuvius" reaction if I ever heard one. Show some respect for the misguided followers of the pederast you are championing.  It's not their fault that they have fallen victim to Cipolla's sure did.  You know as well as I do, Cipolla can turn it off and on at will.  He knows what to say and how to say it.  He tasted that instant power and respect the priest feels when he starts wearing his blacks and collar.  He loved it and craved it but he abused and disrespected it.  He brought shame to the Church and to his own family, yet he still uses his blacks and collar, years after being forced laicized, to lure more children and donors.
Cipolla is an Imposter.  He's absolutely not a priest.  You are both pathetic.    

Maybe Cipolla's believers finally realized that he is not the Mystic Saint he pretends to be.  He's been a charleton for almost 40 years that I am aware of.  He is not the second coming of St Padre Pio.  He tried to mesmerize us back in 1978 when he bragged about meeting Padre Pio.
I told Cipolla that my father had also met Padre Pio and attended one of his masses.  Cipolla did not acknowledge what I told him, not even a nod and he dropped the conversation there.
He uses St Pio as a decoy to lure you into feeling that through Cipolla you are blessed by St Pio. And through Cipolla's words and presence...Pio will bestow special grace or indulgences on his followers.  St Pio will do that regardless if Cipolla is involved or not, it has nothing to do with Cipolla.  


Because of the staunch rules of the Catholic Church to shield our faith and our faithful from 
the Evil from without...there have been many cover ups.  The rules of our faith go so far back
that today many rules must be bent, broken or changed to adapt to our culture and the circumstances beyond our control.  
People are beginning to question the truths they grew up into adults believing.  The twists and turns that life takes...necessitates bending or breaking certain important rules.  In turn, it puts a rift between the faithful and their causes "doubt" which diminishes faith.   

(example)  The breakup of a Catholic marriage because of spousal abuse.  

you must try harder not to make him angry enough to hit you" Father Ambrose told her in
the confessional.  "Causing someone to become that angry is also a sin."  She was 8 months pregnant with a black swollen eye...(maybe Father couldn't see her, but...she could see him, through the mesh.)  
He murmured "Say 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys for your penance...and say a Rosary every night for your family and ask The Blessed Mother to intercede."   And then he added...   
"Sometimes it's better to keep our opinions to ourselves to avoid arguments with our husbands, don't you agree?"  She just groaned a "yes Father" and exited the confessional.
My husband left me in 1966 when my second child was 3 weeks old and returned home to live with his mother.  I divorced him a year later...and I was given sole custody of the children.  I never asked for a cent of child support.  I worked and took care of them.  Besides he was so engaged in his own thing, he never even offered.  He came to see his children 3 times in 10 years.  At this point -1977- we were living in Pittsburgh, only 20 miles from his mother's house...where he still lived.  This was my oldest son's father.  Father Cipolla found my son's lack of male parental tutelage gave him his perfect (victim) opportunity.  About 5 months later this same son begged me to let him move to Florida to live with his grandma & grandpa.  I never knew why until Cipolla molested my youngest son in 1978.

I believe Pope Francis will update our rules enough to help us grow in numbers and therefore
strengthen us, and our faith.  But that is just my opinion.  I still have faith. 

8th paragraph...I never said or wrote that Pedophiles in Florida get the Death Penalty.
I said Child Molestation is a Capital Crime in Florida, so there is no statute of limitations.
It's on my's all on my's the only way I have... to have dialog with this creep Pontillo/Cipolla.

9th paragraph...Father Newell drove Cipolla to the police station after the police finished collecting evidence from Cipolla's bedroom.  Father Newell told the officers that he assumed 
full responsibility for delivering Cipolla to the precinct within the hour, to save the Church the humiliation of having him handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser for transport.  St Francis
Rectory was in a busy neighborhood, lots of traffic. 
Everyone who was supposed to be at the Florida Deposition was there to make sure it was all legal and unalterable because it was worth ??Millions?? alongside that arrest testimony in Pittsburgh was just gravy on the geese that got cooked.  
Sheldon Stevens was the attorney whose offices were used for the Deposition in Merritt Island.  (There's something to"fact check" Pontillo.)

11th attorney says that during a deposition the defendant and counsel (may) attend but it's not required.  The witness is under oath accompanied by a court recorder and his attorney and the video tape.  He said they are usually done in an Attorney's office as was my sons depositions and witnesses...Period!! sound like a girl when you claim that I bully you.  I don't Bully anyone...but you do.  I am beleaguered by you and your lies.  I'm tired of defending my good name that I tried
to preserve.  That is until you started those deceitful rumors and lies.  You are Evil Incarnate, Disgusting...Petty...and Loathsome.  You are a spore.  Probably infectious too...that's how you gather your infect them. 

12th paragraph...Douglas Yauger is the only attorney I was aware of with regards to Mr
Bendig.  He was the man written up and identified in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as Mr Bendig's attorney.  Douglas Yauger is who I called.

13th paragraph...Mr Yauger never paid my travel, food or lodging, although he may have charged Mr Bendig for it.  I'm sure Tim paid for those flights to Florida and his lodging, food
and car rental...because that's what it takes to win a case.  Plus for the use of Sheldon Stevens Offices and the others needed to do the deposition legally and properly.  We did not ask Yauger nor did he offer us payment or reimbursement for our participation to put a halt to Cipolla's Romps thru "Never Never Land"
We were Blessed to get a second stop what we should have stopped in 1978.  Cipolla  of Pittsburgh.
We never received a thing from anyone in the way of a thankyou or monetary gain and we weren't expecting it.  We never attempted to sue the Church ourselves...even though we had quite a lot of opportunity. 
Pontillo/Cipolla why are you pretending to be an authority on things you haven't got a clue on?
Everyone isn't as naive as You believe they are.   I understand that a pathological liar, like yourself, "when it comes to lying," tends to throw it on the wall to see if it sticks.  That's what you are doing.         

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wuerlgate - author fact checked LIAR


Q.  Do you want to know how to discover if Patrick A Pontillo or Anthony J Cipolla are lying...???
A.  Simply ask either of them a question...if they answer you...they're lying.
                 ( THAT'S WHAT THEY DO.......!!!!)



I am asking you politely and publicly to "Please Stop" writing lies about my family on your blogs and "Please Stop" posting the same online.  It's been over a year of lies and accusations
from you.  Not to mention your previous blogs in 2009-2012. 


re:  Your Wuerl blog of 04-20-16  "?"   Date????????   Answers to questions you posed in your aforementioned Wuerl blog.

1. What was your course of study in College?  Did you graduate or quit?  Show us your diploma,
you've already shown us your gun permit. drive a backhoe???? and achieve your dream to become a Construction Worker??  My sons are in Construction and my daughter can drive and operate a backhoe, a dump and an 18 wheeler...but not at the same time.  I wish I could have sent my children to college.

2.  A Non Catholic is "not" an Anti Catholic, per se, unless they so declare.  Just because you may not be a subscriber to that faith, it does not mean you are against that faith or against it's faithful.
That would be an absurd stand for anyone to take.

3.  So now you are trying to hurt Tim Bendig all over again.  Where is your conscience???   Haven't you poked and prodded him enough???  Are you The Grand Inquisitor?????  Got plans to burn him at the stake???   You've been torturing him for years...he has already been scarred by Fr Anthony J Cipolla from 1982 thru 1988, and you still persist to this very day.  What is it with you that makes
you think you are divinely tasked to exact retribution on humanity at your whim?

4.  In response to your blog of 03-21-16  titled   "Diane Thompson's added contradictions, aka"....etc
Doug Yauger flew to Florida to meet my sons and interview us, and pick up the photocopies of
the arrest papers from 1978 that I had printed and notarized for him.

5.  You made up a lot of lies on the 03-21-16 blog...  Someday very soon people will become aware
of your sinister reputation and realize they were duped into believing your deceitful blogs.  I guess you want to go down as a Looney look'n for online attention.  Or maybe this is just another Episode
of *The Cipolla Show.  *(parity on The Truman Show..but with priests).

6.  You do make me wonder just how big an idiot you actually are?  You are trying to puff up your readership by posting lies about my family.  So now I post the truth about your lies and the truth
about my family.  I have a right to defend myself against your verbal assaults against my family.

I believe You are the consummate "jerk."
You have no class...but pretend you do.  A man with class would not avail himself to a blog such as  Pontillo/Cipolla love to use effeminate sounding adjectives describing anyone he doesn't like of the male gender.  He's very fem' phobic.  Usually  stiff and
visibly uncomfortable.  But he is even more rude with women he doesn't like on line.

7.  Face me Pontillo/Cipolla.  If you are afraid, do a meeting on Snapchat or Skype with me.  Show
us you aren't a Cowardly Lion  Liar.  I'll record it and you can there's no bullcrap "he said, she said."  


Wuerlgate author, claims are ludicrous.  But....believe what you want to believe.  I've tried to warn you about a man who would just as soon lie to you as breathe air.  Pontillo admits that it boosts his readers to print his stuff.  Obviously he has no conscience.  Nor does he care how ridiculous he sounds, trying to convince everyone he stands for righteousness, when he distorts and bastardizes any facts and expounds on lies and allegations.  He is obviously non compos mentis. His perception of things appear off center and motivated by a blinding hate.

The Wuerlgate blogger/author has been slandering my family since 2012....I finally opened a blog to communicate with him to object to his libels.  He refused to acknowledge my pleas to cease and desist. I e-mailed him but he refused them even though he dared me to contact him.  He doesn't want anyone to weigh in, regarding his blogs about Cardinal Wuerl, Cipolla, Bendig and my family.
He has many aliases for his online blogs.  The ones that really stand out in memory are all the Wuerl blogs he has. He is trashing  Cardinal Donald Wuerl's name on many of his blogs.  Wuerlgate 1 thru 30, , , , , , atlanticamerican and many many more.

He is lying in each and every Wuerlgate blog.  He may say he's an authority on everything, but he's not giving his readers the truth about Cipolla or the Thompson Family.  He wasn't even there. His facts are 2nd and 3rd and 4th hand comments from God Knows Who and Cipolla, who has lied from the very beginning.  I believe Cipolla is actually the writer, Patrick A of the aforementioned blogs.

The Wuerlgate Author claims that my sons falsely accused Fr Anthony J Cipolla in 1978. Then he says it never happened in the first place.  We were there.  We filed charges, and unless the wuerlgate author is in reality Cipolla himself, the wuerlgate author wasn't there period.  The wuerlgate author is reporting 3rd hand, 4th hand (made up) news and imaginings, geared to get (Hits) on his sites.  He is pitching and posting a whole series of lies geared at painting us in his own cowardly image...which is tainted and corrupt.  I'll bet he sits at his mirror when he writes.   He's decided to beef up his blog by  "False Witnessing " anything and everything" to get Hits on his blogs, I guess he makes money with his blogs, kudos to him.  But he still shouldn't defame my family, he's repeating what Cipolla told him.  Cipolla lied under oath to the Vatican Court, so how much can you believe Cipolla?  Secondly how much can you believe, what comes out of Pontillo with regards to Cipolla?  I've been following
this blog since april 2015 and so far anything concerning Cipolla has been twisted and fabricated by the author of the help of Anthony J Cipolla.  

Please understand, Pontillo and Cipolla read my blog and sometimes I refer to them directly,
in my postings.  I'm 70 with no writing experience. 
I'm sorry for any confusion.  

If anyone knows the progression of lies it's you, Pontillo.  You know darned well I never made the claims you accuse me of.  I never said that Cipolla authored Wuerlgate.  What "I" said was, " I wouldn't be surprised, if he did write it."  You are the one who lied, you turned what I actually said
around to suit your own intents and purposes.  I'm not saying that you are a jerk...which you are.  I'm just commenting on the blogs where you malign  my family and then post more lies and totally false
scenarios in order to bring more attention to your blogs.  So what the hell are you accomplishing? Your building your house on quicksand.  Eventually people will realize you are playing them and filling their heads with cock and bull stories.

Pontillo, if you have actually received 2 million hits on your blogs collectively...that's a big number of readers.  The only thing is, how many were accidental??  There is an average figure for that.  Also, you had to smear a man's good name to attract your followers.  As a matter of fact, you have posted
bald face lies to further your attacks, and humiliating innuendos.  There is one major problem with this type of reporting/writing.  You are perpetrating a hoax.  You claim to be reporting true facts when you are just lying through your teeth.  Have you no conscience??  Don't you care what your
readers will say when they realize you've made fools of them, by giving them stats and information
which is untrue, factually inaccurate and just plain hype, to build your Hits.  Pontillo, do you know how many people there are online in this world?  As of 10-19-2015, there are 3 billion, 220 million, 490 thousand, 584 people utilizing the internet daily. You've been blogging since 2005?? That is 10 years of blogs...on numerous personal sites of yours.  If you weigh in with the math,
you ain't hitting on squat.  Your 2 million hits, minus any unintentional hits, divided by 9 years @ 365 days a year, that's 3285 days of blogging.  You get approximately 608 hits a day combined.  So
that's 608/3000000000 or a whopping 2% of the total Hits per day and you've massaged it for 9 years. Totaling, 2 million, 30 thousand, 130 Hits.'re knocking 'em dead Pontillo.  It's a Pontillo/Cipolla movement.

Pontillo...Smut sells and you seem to have cornered the smut market with the Wuerl blogs.  Maybe Hustler has a job in their fiction department...for you.  You can talk dirty and make more lewd accusations.


In answer to your claims that His Eminence Cardinal Donald Wuerl is 5' 4"....just another one of your lies.  He looks to be much taller than your 5' 9" height.  He's also better looking and more intelligent.
I think you are jealous...both of you.  He's living the dream life because God rewards His Heaven, but many times on earth too.  Too bad Cipolla wasn't a righteous man.  Just a reminder... Jealousy is One of The Seven Deadly Sins.  Remind Cipolla he's racking up some debits on his heavenly account.  He's gonna' do time in the "Purgatory Pokey" with the rest of us sinners.  *Tread lightly there Cipolla...a lot of my friends and family are probably there.  (*humor)


Will this ever end?  Who knows..I guess as long as Patrick A Pontillo continues to lie about us, I'll keep telling the truth.  Pontillo and Cipolla believe in black balling others and whitewashing them selves to accrue a following that will pay off for them.  They aren't interested in truth, I believe they are interested in dollars.  Did you ever hear of a song called "Dirty Laundry" ??  By Don Henley
It really reminds me of them.

For Pontillo/Cipolla

I'll bet you were a real problem for your mother.

01/18/16    Interjection....a question....

May I ask you an important question, about a scenario which was proposed to me?  Were you molested by a priest when you were a teen?  Is that what has you so anti Wuerl?  Did he refuse to prosecute the priest?  Who was it?  Just asking.    

Hey...This just occurred to me....remember, I'm in my 70th year too.

Why don't you just admit you threw in all your chips and took a chance that I'd never see what you were posting about us.  I'll bet it rattled you when I e-mailed you...because your writing got so squirrely, that it was beyond bazaar.  That is when you convinced me that you are indeed a man with a thousand faces. were mistaken...weren't you?  Now what?  Do you continue this
facade or do you just admit you are mistaken and offer an apology?  I can get over the sting of your words, I think.  But only if you remove and omit us in the future.  But you do owe us an apology.
I'll disappear like I did in 2012 and never make another blog concerning Partick A Pontillo again unless you start to tell lies about us again.
You are gambling on the fact that the entire 1978 case was expunged, and so there is no proof of a legal proceeding against Father Anthony J Cipolla.  I still have the original arrest report, with the Detectives names and badge numbers, and the findings from the hospital where they took my son for examination.

I'll leave you to blame your mythical sources for the mis-information that you published.  You're good at making things up.

10-26-15 truly must be the Devil incarnate, assuming you have a physical body.   Can I pose a question to you?  Who were those girls you hired to pose with you in those old photographs.  Those are posed and definitely not natural.  You haven't fooled anyone.  The ones where you are with the older ladies, one looks like a nun.  They're all lovely.  You on the other hand look like Beelzebub, from The Howling Man episode, of The Twilight Zone 1960.  There...I just payed you back for one of your cheapshots!!!    


I hope you are familiar with Tim Bendig, you are for sure if you read Patrick A Pontillo's Wuerlgate
and associated blogs.  Tim should now be able to answer the accusations made against him by his accusers.  Now that the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese has lifted the ban on talking about the lawsuit files (which were put in a closed file), by mutual agreement between the court and church, when they settled out of court with Mr Bendig.

Tim posted that it took a lot of time and money to effect this change, but his attorney won out.  I'm glad that he will be able to prove that Pontillo has been lying all along.  Maybe this odyssey is almost finito.


I was mistaken, Pontillo still hasn't removed us from his blog.  That means when a total stranger or not, Googles certain things, the lies and innuendos pop up, to be scanned by anyone and everyone.
Tim Bendig will take the wind out of Pontillo's sails.  Imagine seeing your business page on GOOGLE surrounded with rude and untrue posts associated with you that customers will see when they access your business page..
All those lies and accusations have probably caused Mr Bendig to lose business from time to time.  Not to mention the repeated embarrassment when questioned about it.  I hope Tim sues him... are a disgrace to humankind.  You tout yourself a Living Saint when you know darned well who and what you really are..."Old Nick"


Why are you trying to champion a rebellion against The Catholic Church Pontillo/Cipolla?
What's wrong with you??????  Are you subbing for the Anti-Christ??????  I already know you're a Scab....but I'm not positive on whose butt,  you are the scab.  You've abraded so many.  Haven't you?


I just read your latest rail again and you must be chugging Red Bulls and smoking the stuff
I heard about on the News...that stuff can make you think you're a zombie and you could eat somebodies face was done to that homeless man.  It can make you crazy.
No wonder you have a bad heart...if you smoke that stuff.  If it's not that Cipolla, then you
are just plain ignorant.  You have got to be sauced or high or under the influence of some mind altering substance to write some of the claims you make about us.  You sound very intelligent and knowledgeable sometimes, then ridiculous and moronic a couple of pages later..?
I admit I'm not a writer.  But I have to write to counter the lies and hurtful things you say about
my sons and myself.  That way my family will know, I tried to defend them against your Lies...
and got the truth out.